Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mo Money

Does anyone know how good it feels to have paid all the necessary bills (meaning: rent, utilities, credit card payments, students loans...but not including extra bills like random medical bills etc.) and STILL have money left over? We've been a one income family for soooo long - raising five children with one or both of us going to school to finish our degrees. For the past 14 years money has been a constant struggling point for us. Always. But, with this paycheck we are...ahead! I hate to even say something because I know that the money Gods are listening to me and are now going to through a wrench into any plans that I have, perhaps a car will break down or something but I just have to say that I feel an incredible amount of relief right now. We've paid all of our bills and have enough to go grocery shopping, get gas, and will still have enough money to buy some clothes (which I need desperately) and maybe even buy a few fun items (cross off some wish list things). Oh! Did I mention that we also paid off what we owed to my mother, Mark's grandmother and our oldest daughter AND we were able to give Tiff a couple hundred extra to fix her car (What!? We were able to help someone else for once!).
I just got back from a work trip LATE on Tuesday night. I still can't seem to catch up on sleep. I am exhausted. But I think it is awesome to be able to help other programs get up and running. This weekend is going to be a crazy busy hectic - HOME SHOW filled weekend. Lots of talking to people - lots of light bulb pushing! I'm excited and yet - I know I will be even more exhausted by the time the weekend is over.
So Tuesday was Marky's birthday...he's 46. I think he feels a little funny about that number. But I think he is amazingly handsome and sexy...I'm lucky that he chose me...I love him forever...I couldn't imagine sharing this life with anyone else. He is my very best friend.