Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giving Thanks

I've seen a movement on Facebook where people are choosing something to give a daily "thanks" for in the month of November. I thought about joining in, but the truth is, I am so thankful for everything that I have been blessed with. I have an amazing spouse/partner/best friend that I'm able to laugh with/yell with through this crazy life. I have incredible children that amaze and frustrate me every day. I'm thankful for Tiffany, she struggles her way through life, trying to find her place in her grown up world. She is strong minded and I'm so proud of her going back to school and working on her degree. I'm thankful for Kait, she is working hard too. She, like Tiff, is working two jobs and has found herself a partner. We all have taken a liking to her boyfriend. Even our little ones already consider David family. I'm thankful David makes Kait happy and I hope to see that continue for a long time. I'm thankful for Gage, he's really working in school to get good grades and trying to keep an open mind about his new school. I'm hopeful that he will find a couple of good friends soon. I'm thankful for Drake, what an awesome spirit he is. He is funny and weird and I love every speck of him. I'm thankful that although he is very unique, he is strong enough to know that is ok and all those differences are why he's so cool. I'm thankful for my Corabell. She is intelligent, beautiful, hilarious and sweet.
I'm thankful that I am sitting in my beautiful 130 year old farmhouse that we worked so hard to get. I'm thankful that my family's bellies are full and that we are sitting in our warm living room together after a long weekend of getting ready to host Thanksgiving.
I'm thankful every day and I make everyone around me aware of how thankful and am for them and everything I have.