Friday, January 27, 2012


Josie and Blossom are all settled into the barn over sized shed and pasture area. Blossom has really warmed up to us; while Josie is still a little standoffish (meaning she still tends to spit at Blossom...even when it's us making her worried/frustrated). We've been fortunate enough to find a GREAT feed shop and an awesome supplier for Orchard Grass Hay (we have plans to grab some more.
We've decided on two angora goats to add to our family...

Itty and Frankie will be coming here once our big barn is built (May?) - We are getting them from the same farm that we got Josie and Blossom (Spruce Hill Fiber Farm). Adding these two will give us a nice selection of fiber (Josie = Fawn, Blossom = Creamy White, Itty = Light with Slight Red/Brown and Frankie = Dark, Nearly Black...and she has blue eyes...GORGEOUS!). We've put the deposits on two CVM Romeldale Sheep from Marushka Farms (two wethers should round out our colors tones with a lighter lamb and a darker lamb). We have decided on the chicken breeds that we'd like to order (Silver laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpington, Australorp, Easter Egger/Ameraucana, Blue Andalusian - these are the layers and then we'll add to our order with meat birds). We've found a local beekeeper that sells hives and nucs (we're planning on securing two hives for the spring). We're on the hunt for a couple LaMancha goats - but we've found a couple potential sources. Whew! Things are happening here :-) it feels really good to know that this stuff just keeps moving along. It's a lot of hard work...but the morning/evening chores aren't as difficult as we had expected (don't get me wrong, it's work...but just nothing unmanageable). Obviously, once we add more animals, the chores will become more difficult.
In other news - Mark has a job!! He's been hired on as a FT lead teacher at a Head Start Preschool Program. I'm proud and excited about his new role. He will do amazing (he has already made a difference with his class, even though he's only been there a few weeks). Professionally, this is a great opportunity for Mark. Personally, it will be wonderful for us to have the added income (helping us achieve our goals quicker) AND I know that Mark will feel like a greater provider for our family (even though I know I will miss him being a full time stay-at-home dad...which also made him a great provider). We are all working through our morning processes of getting the kids up, ready for school and onto the bus...followed by my work (generally on the computer) and Mark's work in class...followed by evening farm chores, dinner, children's homework and life. It's certainly a busy time filled with adjustments...but the rewards are worth the challenges.

Monday, January 16, 2012

They're Here!

We've added the first members of our livestock to our farm. We had the amazing opportunity to get two alpacas, Josie and Blossom, from Spruce Hill Fiber Farm. We picked them up from Spruce Hill on Saturday morning, when we also spent some time with their goats and of course I have the "I wants" - more to follow, once we make some decisions on how many and which ones we plan on getting. Right now, we are just really enjoying watching Josie and Blossom become acquainted with their new surroundings. Aren't they cute???