Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Starts

Today, is a fresh start. I understand that it is simply the day after yesterday, but it seems like the flipping the page to a new year always gives us a fresh outlook on life. 2013 brought the Mother Earth News Fair (and mini vacation) for Mark and me, we raised and processed our own chickens this year, we learned that we did that processing just as Joel Salatin does, we raised our own turkeys for Christmas dinner, Mark started his job teaching at a wonderful school, we've learned more about our home and how to handle things like...septic emergencies etc, Gage has learned to approach the farm in a more positive light and he has also earned the role of class president and found himself a sweet little girlfriend that we all just adore.. Drake, Cora, Tiff and Kait are leading wonderful, positive lives and we are so excited to see what this coming year brings for them. But it also brought great challenges, my dad's heart (..and so thankful he is healthy), Cora's concussion and tonsil surgery (...and so thankful she is healthy), some financial issues, and personal set backs. For this day, we can look forward and see all of the positives that we have planned for 2014.
It's going to be a BIG year for us! BIG.