Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We've been busy

Our barn is coming along. We started it just last Thursday...so we've been at it about a week and a half.

So glad we had the trusses built for us. They are extremely heavy...nearly 200 pounds each and it's really just been Mark and me, with some help from the kids dragging these things up onto the roof and making them upright.

This photo shows 9 trusses up on top, but we actually have one more up there. Just one more to go!

The Bunny decided to pay us a visit for Easter.

The kids always do beautiful eggs.

Cora, Drake's friend Eion and Drake...showing off their climbing skills.
We've been busy working on raising our barn. We hired someone to put in all the post holes and build the trusses...but for the most part...Mark and I have built the barn together, with some help from the kids. It's going pretty smooth. Although, it is taking much longer than expected. Once we have the last truss up though, we'll be able to start putting up the roofing material (sheathing, then felt, then shingles). We have a couple pen walls up, just one more to go and one to finish off. We still need to put up the siding, doors and finish the gates to each pen. When the barn is complete, we'll need to put in the fencing for the pasture (the posts are already up). After all that, we get to go pick up all of our animals :-) I'm really excited about it. I'm going to combine all the pictures that are spread between Mark's phone, my phone and our camera and put together a timeline and cost list. Now I must work a bit to pay the bills :-)