Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving Trucks and Family Additions

Oh we did not close on Friday. What a terrible process this whole thing is. Our approved file never came back from RD - which means we couldn't finalize the process and close the deal. Unfortunately, we found out a little too late in the day to move our moving truck rental without paying a $50 cancellation fine, not to mention that to rebook the truck it would have cost an additional $300 (minimum)...WHEW! So we decided to pick up the truck this morning - we got all of our stuff out of Mark's grandmother's garage (such a good feeling) - we then cleaned and swept the garage. This all after Friday - I worked 15 hours, including getting home at past midnight after an event. Then Saturday, we had another festival I had to work and put in around 9.5 hours. We are beat.

Oh - Did I mention that my kids won festival fish yesterday (which means a new aquarium and fish food...and a snail?!) and then one kid found a baby bird behind an air conditioning unit behind our apartment? It's a Starling - we brought it inside, kept it warm, fed it - assumed it would die before morning (along with the fish)...but they are all still alive and kicking. The bird ("Big Beak") is eating well, sprouting some lovely hair (not feathers yet) and trying to groom itself. We even had to leave it for a time while we were packing the garage and it did great. I still tell the kids about how it's not likely that it will make it. It is very young (I'm guessing 5 - 6 days), fairly naked and helpless....but it might just surprise me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So, we had another round of emails last night between our realtor, the sellers' realtor, us and our lender. As far as we know, if appears that everything is on target for closing on Friday. Our lender expects the Rural Development's approval today - which will give her the opportunity to finish things up with the title company. There is one final document that the seller needs to sign; however, that won't be ready until after the title company gets the info back from RD. Since they are already on the road, hopefully they can find a hotel with a business center that will allow them to print and fax or scan/email the document back. We may be getting the keys to our new place tomorrow!!!
We did stop back to the house the night before last and saw that they covered the septic - which is good...except the yard looks terrible right now. Nothing that a little grass seed can't fix...and it gives us a blank slate for us to figure out how we want things to layout.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the house and check out the aeration tank installation...WHAT.A.MESS! The entire back yard is completely torn up - I have to keep reminding myself that it is all just temporary. I'm so glad we went when we did though because we had another great visit with the current owners, along with their son and his fiance. We talked through a bunch of house stuff and discussed our hopes for a smooth closing.
When we left the house, I checked my emails and found one from our lender saying that our stuff was going to be sent to the Rural Development office and that the closing was going to be pushed off for another week. That's right - an entire week later than we planned. UGH! So we have to push moving trucks...we've already scheduled the utilities to be put in our name...not to mention that the current homeowners need to get to California because their daughter is due with her first baby any day now.
FYI - apparently, if you are selling a house, the realtor can take Power of Attorney over that transaction if you cannot be present at the closing.
We requested that we could still take possession of the house on the 20th, once the homeowners officially moved out. DENIED! But that is fine...Mark would rather us move into the house when we know it is ours...when it is official. Did I mention that Friday night I have an event for work - Oh and another one on Saturday!? So even if we close on Friday...we wouldn't be able to move in until Sunday. But hey - in the big scheme of life, a couple of weeks won't even matter.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I've Learned

Next month, I will be celebrating my 37th birthday and I've learned a few things about myself and others.
I've learned that I'm a good mama. While there are times that I second guess some of the decisions I've made or actions I've taken, I understand that I did the best that I could in that given moment. It warms my heart that I have five children, including two adult children, that actually like to hang out with me. We can have passionate arguments, along with deep heart-to-heart, interesting conversations and it feels good.
I've learned that Mark is my best friend. That is what truly gets us through the tough times. He is hilariously funny, extremely handsome, an amazing father and the perfect person to spend the rest of my life with.
I've learned that sometimes you will "hit it off" with people and those friendships could last the rest of your life. While it may be months between talking to those people, they will be there in a heartbeat when you need them. Sometimes I will have things to share, others they have things to share and we are genuinely excited for each other. I've also learned that some friendships can be very one sided (to me, not a true friendship). They start a conversation with you with a quick question or two about what is happening in your life and then take over the conversation with what is happening in their own. Instead of give and is yeah yeah yeah and what about ME? I'm a very nurturing person and avoid conflict, so I find it difficult to cut these people out of my life. I have one relationship that it seems that whenever we begin a conversation, I spend most of the conversation "holding on" while they talk to others in the room or they interrupt me while I'm trying to discuss really important things in my life. This is one of the one-side relationships. Another friendship - the person always has to be "winning"'s always "Oh! I've done that, better, more often, before you did it", "Oh, and did I mention that I know all about everything? Even when I don't" Oy!
I've learned that the goal in life...transitions and morphs into these different and amazing adventures. We aren't afraid to leap.
I've learned that Mark and I aren't the same people we were nearly 16 years ago...we've transitioned and morphed. There are times we've pulled apart, but I'm proud of the fact that we've never given up on each other or this relationship.
I've learned that I'm extremely self conscious. There are days when I am embarrassed about the weight I've put on over the years. However, I know that one day, soon, I will be ready to finally get this weight off and when I out world.
I've learned that I'm not good with the whole patience thing and I don't like when people try to "teach me patience". (Hello house, I'm talking to you)...
What have you learned?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glimpse Into My World

I feel like almost everything I think about and everything I talk about is the house lately. I'm consumed by each step of the home buying process. This is my first home. The biggest purchase I've ever made. I'm excited and scared. One week from tomorrow, if all goes as planned, we will be spending the night at our new home.
I thought I would take this post and show you a glimpse into my non-home buying world.
The sun setting as we were driving home from our of our adventures.
A damselfly chilling out with our garden gargoyle.
Strawberry harvest!
Gage and Drake - that water was incredible cold.
Kait and Cora at the waterfall.
Gage and Cora - there's so much iron in the water it is turning the rock red.I am missing having our garden this year, although it is nice to look out our back window and seeing our trees and bushes thriving. I am thinking that toward the end of this summer we will build the raised beds for next season - to fill with compost...I'd also like to build a strawberry tower for the berries - I don't think they are digging the pots they are in.

Off to enjoy this beautiful day we are having...

Friday, June 10, 2011

We Got The House

I think I FINALLY had my moment...I'm sure another one will come at closing and another at the first moment we step into OUR home...Yesterday we received the draft of the appraisal. It came back with the exact number we needed, $139,000!!! Since this is just a draft, it will still need to go through underwriting and hopefully no changes will be made. If the underwriter just signs off, we'll be able to send it to RD office. We are still on target for the 17th closing. IF something happens where the underwriter requests a change, that could delay our closing date...hopefully that will not happen though.
So....WE GOT THE HOUSE! :-) (I think, ha ha)
It's been storming here through the night and today...a peaceful Friday after a week of extreme stress.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Moment...

I wanted to take a moment today, before we hear from the lendor about the status of our appraisal. It's funny, when Mark and I go through stages of our life, we tend to watch those TV shows that match our big events...A Wedding Story...A Baby Story...House Hunters. You get the picture. Strangely enough, while the shows are interesting and we may learn something here and there, they are never really true to life and are still just television shows. When watching the House Hunters show, typically the people look at three houses, make an offer, get the "We got the house!" phone call and move in. This has not been our experience. Our experience has been more like - Fret, panic and worry about getting the financing straightened out for a few months...wait.wait.wait...OK we're financed! Look at five houses in one day (originally supposed to be seven - but we knew we had "the one") - but this was after we had weeded out probably 20+ houses (not even sure how many we looked at online)...Make the offer. Get the offer acceptance. Still don't have the "We got the house" moment. Go through a series of inspections and re-inspections and post inspection negotiations/re-negotiations. They agree to fix the septic - negotiate the price again. wait.wait.wait. Here we are a week and a half away from the scheduled closing date and still have not had that "We got the house" moment. Hopefully that will happen today. I'm hoping that our lendor sends us an email letting us know that the appraisal meets the agreed price and we are set to send the paperwork to the Rural Development office. Honestly though, I don't know that it will feel real until we put the key in the door the first time and wander through the house...our house.
For now though, we will continue to purge and box up stuff we don't plan on using for the next 2-3 weeks. As Mark says, if we don't get the house, we are still moving somewhere.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Garden Update

We made the decision to not do an official vegetable garden this year. We weren't sure how long the house buying process would take and didn't want to do all the work and leave the harvest for another family. Not to mention that we got all heirloom seeds, specifically to start saving seeds for following years and we'd lose all that if we had to leave the garden here. That being said, we still have our potted garden. Our pear and peach trees are loaded with fruit...we even had to thin the peach trees so we didn't have fruit drop or broken branches. I will say that thinning is one of my least favorite things to do. I know that in the long run it is better for fruit's just really hard to take perfectly healthy fruit and trash it. The trees are so young we never imagined we'd get fruit this year, while they are still in the's crazy. We can't wait to enjoy our fresh fruit.
We've also harvested a couple of strawberries that were delicious! There are more still ripening. It also looks like we are going to get a handful of raspberries (they are blossoms right now).
I just find it so fascinating to watch our food grow from bare branch, to leaf, to bud, to blossom, to baby fruit and continue to ripen until it is ready to pick and eat.

Today - we'll be driving out past the house to check out the antiques festival that runs along our street.