Thursday, June 23, 2011


So, we had another round of emails last night between our realtor, the sellers' realtor, us and our lender. As far as we know, if appears that everything is on target for closing on Friday. Our lender expects the Rural Development's approval today - which will give her the opportunity to finish things up with the title company. There is one final document that the seller needs to sign; however, that won't be ready until after the title company gets the info back from RD. Since they are already on the road, hopefully they can find a hotel with a business center that will allow them to print and fax or scan/email the document back. We may be getting the keys to our new place tomorrow!!!
We did stop back to the house the night before last and saw that they covered the septic - which is good...except the yard looks terrible right now. Nothing that a little grass seed can't fix...and it gives us a blank slate for us to figure out how we want things to layout.

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