Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glimpse Into My World

I feel like almost everything I think about and everything I talk about is the house lately. I'm consumed by each step of the home buying process. This is my first home. The biggest purchase I've ever made. I'm excited and scared. One week from tomorrow, if all goes as planned, we will be spending the night at our new home.
I thought I would take this post and show you a glimpse into my non-home buying world.
The sun setting as we were driving home from our of our adventures.
A damselfly chilling out with our garden gargoyle.
Strawberry harvest!
Gage and Drake - that water was incredible cold.
Kait and Cora at the waterfall.
Gage and Cora - there's so much iron in the water it is turning the rock red.I am missing having our garden this year, although it is nice to look out our back window and seeing our trees and bushes thriving. I am thinking that toward the end of this summer we will build the raised beds for next season - to fill with compost...I'd also like to build a strawberry tower for the berries - I don't think they are digging the pots they are in.

Off to enjoy this beautiful day we are having...

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  1. yay! yes, it's true that they say it's not you who owns the house but, 'the house owns you', but it's all in a way that means creating sanctuary for these beautiful things. the best part? being as loud as you want, not having to ask permission to do nothin' to your house :) and of course, the garden of dreamssssss. we are finally having nice june-like weather, what a relief! strawberries i'd recommend just creating a patch where they can go wild and procreate (tower sounds great but where will the runners take root? never heard of although sounds awesome!) - you will have SO much to attend to in your new garden and these girls are so self sufficient, that it might be worth making sure some of the things are no-fuss? with work i'm starting the feel the overwhelm this year with so many more things in the yard to keep track of :) not that that's a bad thing, haha