Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Moment...

I wanted to take a moment today, before we hear from the lendor about the status of our appraisal. It's funny, when Mark and I go through stages of our life, we tend to watch those TV shows that match our big events...A Wedding Story...A Baby Story...House Hunters. You get the picture. Strangely enough, while the shows are interesting and we may learn something here and there, they are never really true to life and are still just television shows. When watching the House Hunters show, typically the people look at three houses, make an offer, get the "We got the house!" phone call and move in. This has not been our experience. Our experience has been more like - Fret, panic and worry about getting the financing straightened out for a few months...wait.wait.wait...OK we're financed! Look at five houses in one day (originally supposed to be seven - but we knew we had "the one") - but this was after we had weeded out probably 20+ houses (not even sure how many we looked at online)...Make the offer. Get the offer acceptance. Still don't have the "We got the house" moment. Go through a series of inspections and re-inspections and post inspection negotiations/re-negotiations. They agree to fix the septic - negotiate the price again. wait.wait.wait. Here we are a week and a half away from the scheduled closing date and still have not had that "We got the house" moment. Hopefully that will happen today. I'm hoping that our lendor sends us an email letting us know that the appraisal meets the agreed price and we are set to send the paperwork to the Rural Development office. Honestly though, I don't know that it will feel real until we put the key in the door the first time and wander through the house...our house.
For now though, we will continue to purge and box up stuff we don't plan on using for the next 2-3 weeks. As Mark says, if we don't get the house, we are still moving somewhere.

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  1. yeah they do oversimplify it on TV! (shocking!) ;)

    i remember all the FAXES - negotiating this and that they'd fix or didn't want to fix, and even when i went in to the offices to sign a hundred different documents (you literally forget how to sign your name, it's funny), it wasn't real. she brought my house key to my office on a big bow, but until i walked in the door, it wasn't real. you'll totally have to video walking in your house for the first time with your key!