Friday, June 10, 2011

We Got The House

I think I FINALLY had my moment...I'm sure another one will come at closing and another at the first moment we step into OUR home...Yesterday we received the draft of the appraisal. It came back with the exact number we needed, $139,000!!! Since this is just a draft, it will still need to go through underwriting and hopefully no changes will be made. If the underwriter just signs off, we'll be able to send it to RD office. We are still on target for the 17th closing. IF something happens where the underwriter requests a change, that could delay our closing date...hopefully that will not happen though.
So....WE GOT THE HOUSE! :-) (I think, ha ha)
It's been storming here through the night and today...a peaceful Friday after a week of extreme stress.


  1. so exciting! and still so amazed at the price!

  2. Yeah, $139,000 for a four bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, with a HUGE dining room (12x20), a living room AND a parlor and a 16x6 laundry room on the main floor with a wrap around porch out front and a covered back patio on 1.3+ acres...I can't wait to move in!