Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving Trucks and Family Additions

Oh we did not close on Friday. What a terrible process this whole thing is. Our approved file never came back from RD - which means we couldn't finalize the process and close the deal. Unfortunately, we found out a little too late in the day to move our moving truck rental without paying a $50 cancellation fine, not to mention that to rebook the truck it would have cost an additional $300 (minimum)...WHEW! So we decided to pick up the truck this morning - we got all of our stuff out of Mark's grandmother's garage (such a good feeling) - we then cleaned and swept the garage. This all after Friday - I worked 15 hours, including getting home at past midnight after an event. Then Saturday, we had another festival I had to work and put in around 9.5 hours. We are beat.

Oh - Did I mention that my kids won festival fish yesterday (which means a new aquarium and fish food...and a snail?!) and then one kid found a baby bird behind an air conditioning unit behind our apartment? It's a Starling - we brought it inside, kept it warm, fed it - assumed it would die before morning (along with the fish)...but they are all still alive and kicking. The bird ("Big Beak") is eating well, sprouting some lovely hair (not feathers yet) and trying to groom itself. We even had to leave it for a time while we were packing the garage and it did great. I still tell the kids about how it's not likely that it will make it. It is very young (I'm guessing 5 - 6 days), fairly naked and helpless....but it might just surprise me!

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