Saturday, June 18, 2011


On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the house and check out the aeration tank installation...WHAT.A.MESS! The entire back yard is completely torn up - I have to keep reminding myself that it is all just temporary. I'm so glad we went when we did though because we had another great visit with the current owners, along with their son and his fiance. We talked through a bunch of house stuff and discussed our hopes for a smooth closing.
When we left the house, I checked my emails and found one from our lender saying that our stuff was going to be sent to the Rural Development office and that the closing was going to be pushed off for another week. That's right - an entire week later than we planned. UGH! So we have to push moving trucks...we've already scheduled the utilities to be put in our name...not to mention that the current homeowners need to get to California because their daughter is due with her first baby any day now.
FYI - apparently, if you are selling a house, the realtor can take Power of Attorney over that transaction if you cannot be present at the closing.
We requested that we could still take possession of the house on the 20th, once the homeowners officially moved out. DENIED! But that is fine...Mark would rather us move into the house when we know it is ours...when it is official. Did I mention that Friday night I have an event for work - Oh and another one on Saturday!? So even if we close on Friday...we wouldn't be able to move in until Sunday. But hey - in the big scheme of life, a couple of weeks won't even matter.

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  1. Yup - in the grande scheme, we're still scheduled to get an AWESOME home in a BEAUTIFUL area! The road isn't totally smooth, but we keep moving forward :) Let's hope for Thursday!