Friday, April 15, 2011

The gang's all here!

Yesterday, while working from home, I heard a tap-tap-tap at the door. Imagine how excited I was when I opened the door and found a long triangular box leaning against the door frame. I brought it in and slide a knife along the tape. I opened the box and inside were our tiny little scrappy trees! They are around 3-4 ft. leaves (arbor day ships the dormant). Since we don't have our land yet, these little bad boys will be potted along with the rest and await their new home (just like we are doing!).

In this box, a pecan, Belle of Georgia Peach, Kiefer Pear, 2-Methley Plum, 2-Apricot and since we ordered all those, they gave us a Red Maple and 2-Forsythias for FREE! Today is a tree seedling give away at the Second Street Market ~ Part of our Five Rivers MetroPark system. I think I'll take my lunch hour to head down to see what they have to offer. For now we are fairly set with our trees...perhaps a fig or a couple cherry trees are in our future... Once we get the land and know exactly how much we are dealing with, we can focus on black and red raspberry bushes, blueberry bushes and grape vines. We also need to bulk up our strawberry production!!!


  1. Last night, we potted all the trees, plus the six others we got from the tree seedling give away (Sugar Maple, Kentucky Coffee, Buckeye, Serviceberry, Colorado Blue Spruce and Black Walnut). We bought some top soil and mixed it with the free compost from the City. Mark did most of the work, but Cora, Drake and I helped a lot (my arms are sore!!!).

  2. We ALL did the work pretty equally, and you convinced us we could plant them all before the rain came (just barely)! Can't wait to plant them and watch them grow around us and our family :)