Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...and where do we want to put the goats?

This summer has been incredible. I could never have imagined us owning our own home, especially not one this amazing. I am so thankful that we were able to work out our credit/financial situation to be able to afford this home. I keep promising myself that I will go around this home and take pictures of what it looks like now...because I want to see how it changes and morphs into our space. However, each day runs into the next and pictures don't get taken. I'm hoping to do it this weekend though. Perhaps Sunday.
Last weekend we did accomplish the task of laying out our land on posterboard - we were able to figure out where the goats and chickens are going to go (the red square at the top, near the center), we layed out where all the trees are going to be planted (all the green circles), our circular drive runs through the property, the blue portion is where our house sits and to the left of the house, near the bottom of the image is our garden...our big, amazing garden to be. Above the garden is going to be our deck - for entertaining, outdoor moving watching, hopefully a small firepit and outdoor general seating. I love it!


  1. It's so exciting to think about how different our home will be even a couple years from now! We have a great plan, now we gotta get diggin'...and cutting...and building, and painting, and fencing...I think we'll be busy :) I Love You!

  2. I read your comment at ColdAntler Farm and came to find you. I used to own an underground house, organic farm and CSA. Have been a homesteader most of my life, now just a 3000 sq ft garden.

    In the last 17 months I went from very high blood sugar and quite fat to no longer diabetic and have lost over 160 pounds. The secret? Low carb. It was almost effortless. It is the consumption of sugars and starches making us fat. Think new Atkins. I get all my best recipes at the Low Carb Friends bulletin board. I got married in January. My hubby has lost over 50 pounds eating this way since spring and also no longer has diabetes :-) It is a fantastic way to both slim down and feel a heck of a lot better!

  3. Thanks so much for the info. I have PCOS (insulin resistance) - I've been tracking every bite that I put into my mouth. I base my diet on the mypyramid.gov - I will definitely check out Low Carb Friends though (thank you). I'm anemic - and since tracking my food - I realize why, I don't eat very many iron rich foods. I've adjusted everything about how I eat. I put a gym in the garage (now I just need to use it!). I'll get there!!!
    CONGRATS on your losing weight - that is amazing! AND congrats on getting married. Very awesome!
    ~Fresh Eggs