Saturday, June 16, 2012

Late in the Game

I keep seeing all these posts about what is coming up in people's gardens...Is it terrible that we JUST NOW put our seeds in the ground? We killed off all of our seedlings...the reality of time got to us. Between animals and barn and kids and life and work and issues...the seedlings now look like a terrible massacre happened.
Our neighbor SO kindly rototilled a huge space in our back yard - the sloped area that lays over our newly installed leach field area. I asked the health inspector if there was a reason we couldn't garden over that space and he said we'd only have to worry about the depth of the blades on the tiller - to make sure we didn't go too deep. Our space is approx. 28 ft. x 66 ft. Finally, today we made the time to plant seeds directly into the ground. We figured that we'd just plant and see what makes it.
We planted:
11 - Roma Tomato Plants
6 - Beefsteak Tomato Plants
6 - Cherry Tomato Plants
9 - Kidney Bean Plants
28 ft. rows of the following:
Pole Beans
50 ft. rows of the following:
Baby Carrots
Full Size Carrots
Cauliflower and Brocoli share a row
Brussel Sprouts
Black and Yellow Zucchini share a row
and 2 rows of Corn to follow (and hopefully a garden filled with vegetables will follow in the next couple months).


  1. Phew, I finished it, what a marathon. Its a cold winter rainy day here in Melbourne Australia and I have just read your entire blog from start to finish. I feel like I travelled your journey with you. I even had a little tear when you finally got your house. Well Done. What I like best is that you are a real woman. Not this perfect homespun confectionary with a perfect family, perfect marriage that seems to be unachievable. So Cheers to you. I look forward to future posts. Lynda.

  2. Wow - what an amazing compliment. Thank you so much, for not just reading...but reading "cover-to-cover". It's been a rough journey...but I think that sometimes, without the rough journey, you don't realize how awesome your accomplishments are. :-) By the way, I have a cousin that lives somewhere in Australia, I'll have to see where. Have a great day and hopefully you'll stay along for more of our journey.