Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Projects and Goals

Yesterday, Mark and I put together a list of the projects and goals that we have for 2014. We put them on two separate posters to hang in the house and check off as we go...but thought we'd share them here as well. As you can see, we have a VERY busy year ahead of us. I don't know that we'll be able to check off each one of these, but we can sure try!

Visit Lehmans and Chittenango (if possible)
Fix the pipes under the kitchen sink
Clean out the cellar
Remove all unused wires (phone etc.)
Assess the knob and tube wiring situation
Weather proof/caulk etc.
Build food storage shelving
Doors/knobs and latches
Lock on back door
New keys/keyrings for everyone
Attic – access, usable space?
Have chimney inspected – wood stove options
Install wood stove???
Little bedroom upstairs – sewing/craft room and teacher prep area
All bedrooms need curtains (make?)
Remove all wallpaper
Paint/decorate – room by room, as we can
Gut our closet
Redo all wood floors
Downstairs bath
-New flooring (pennies?)
-New cabinet(s)
-Paint and d├ęcor
Upstairs bath
-Refinish tub
-Rehang curtain
-Remove wallpaper
-Tile (wall and maybe floor)
-Storage options
-Litter/cat food
-Towel racks (hooks/shelves)
-Heat source
-Toilet seat
Fix banister/upstairs half wall
Mount potato cutter
Coat hooks
Hang candlelier/Lighting options
Build seed starter area
Parlor (remove closet, once sewing room is complete)
Little Buddy hose/tank
-Pasture hay rack(s)
-Finish siding
-Make 4 doors (two loft, two main)
-Clean out pasture
-Redo pen doors
-Redo hay racks
-Lighting/lantern hooks
-Always have plenty of hay in loft
-Paint (pressure wash?)
-Clean out/hose down inside
-“est…” sign for pasture side
-Food shelter/deck
-Order new seeds
-Build tomato cages
-Build a few arches/creative ways to stake
-Fix strawberry garden
-Redo containers
-Stake smaller plants/bushes
-Retainer walls?
-Bee garden (Cora)
-Shed for mowers/lawn tools?
-Cut remaining pines
-Cut back brush
-Clean up flower gardens
-Finish parking area (clear brush/lay rock)
-Retain blackcaps
-Plant trees in Narnia (buy maples???)
-Harvest pecans – plant new pecan tree
Clean grill
Fix rider mowing
New tires for mower cart
Fix/sharpen blades for all mowers
Buy another pitch fork
Turn all compost bins, before barn clean out.
Clean gutters
Snake drain under driveway (options?)
Fill dirt around septic
Fix sewer drain pipes
Repaint/fix front deck
Display bench for front porch
Close off/weatherproof dining room door.
Survey land?
Tap maples
Make dish detergent
Bird sanctuary area – see through birdhouse
Deck – at least get estimate
Fence – at least get estimate
Clean garage and Carport (siding on carport??)
Light in garage attic/shelving and bench
Fix garage door opener
Purchase extra propane (options?)
-Shearing equipment/class
--Hives, bees, observation hive
-Order more layers and meat birds
-Donkey (just kidding)
-Castrate sheep (not kidding)
-Vet checks and meds
-Minerals – PVC pipe feeders
-Chicken Tractor and turkey pen

Whew - now that's a list! I can't wait until this time next year to see what we've been able to complete.


  1. No problem! All we need is a week, maybe two, of good weather...and a little cash :) And, yes, some extra labor would be helpful!

  2. Bring on the busy bee, i say. Here that would mean putting on a BBQ and some beer and getting a few mates around to do some work. That's a big list and i feel tired reading it. I would lay money on you getting through most of them though. Cheers, Big Ears.

  3. Lol - yes, it's a huge list. I hope we get to it all (or a HUGE portion of it). With me, temporarily, not working in the beginning of the year, I'll have a lot to do. Friends are always welcome to help and we'll always have beer in the fridge.