Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dayton...We have Vegetables

This are really starting to blossom and bloom and grow around here. Our potted plants have made it through the winter and we only lost one blueberry plant (which I think was pretty dead when we bought on super-duper, end of the year clearance). Onions are in the ground and seem to be poking up. Our process of bringing our seeds outside for their daily visitation with the sun and then inside at night away from Mr. Frost seems to be working! We already have little babies popping up through the soil...cherry and regular tomatoes, an eggplant, a bunch of daisy plants and a couple watermelon plants! I'm hoping that this means something good for this year. OH! and the neighbor kids - I think my plan of keeping them involved really is working. I've had them help me water some of the plants and they are taking some ownership and actually wanting to learn about the whole process. I love it!


  1. shel that is SO so awesome about the kids...we have a children's garden out here by the school next to the community garden and it is such a great resource to teach kids about food and foster a sense of understanding like you are. you rock, girlie!

  2. Thanks! I made the agreement that if they don't pick and let it grow that IF we get a watermelon this year that we will share it with them. Their eyes were HUGE after that!