Sunday, April 4, 2010

PDX bound

Finally! There was beautiful daffodil. I love love love daffodils but for one reason or another have never grown any. I remember when I was young, still living in upstate New York young, there were a bunch of daffodils that would wake up and let us know that it was spring each and every year. As you can imagine, upstate New York winters aren't too good on the soul and those beautiful yellow blossoms popping up in our hedge row were always just what I needed.
This place eats at my soul too...this apartment is a nightmare - I hate apartment living and hope it doesn't have to go on much longer. We are doing what we can to brighten our world...including planting a garden that we know may lead to more frustration with neighborhood kids and animals causing's not their's the fault of their parents who don't understand that it is their job to teach respect and manners. I'm hoping that our patience will show these children that there is more to life than what they know...that there is beauty to be respected...that a flower left on the plant stays beautiful MUCH longer than the one picked.
I have an important (hopefully) trip coming soon and I couldn't be more excited. In less than two weeks I will be going to where my corporate offices are located for an "all staff meeting"...funny thing is that this year, for all staff...only program managers have been invited to actually come out to the corporate offices...program managers and me! How freaking sweet is that!? I'm hoping this means that (potentially) REALLY good things are on my horizon. Our horizon. It could mean nothing...but it could mean everything. To top things off...I get to spend time with one of my favorite chicks in the whole world! ...and maybe one of my other favorite chicks from high school (haven't seen this one in many many that she is a mama to two that I have never met!). Hoping just to chill with them for a bit and exhale...while holding my breath a bit on the professional side of my world.
First, there was one beautiful daffodil and now there are two!

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    can't wait to see you darlin'!!!!! sounds like the rain might finally be on it's way outta here as well so we'll have some sunshine n shel all in the same place.

    i think it's time for electric fences around that garden...either that or sit cora out there to taser those little creeps who tear up your garden, bwa haha