Monday, August 23, 2010

Shhh! Don't tell my kids what day it is tomorrow!

Go through the clothes and find out who needs what...Check!
Buy new backpacks...Check!
School supplies...Check, Check, Check!
Cora's hair dyed raspberry...Check!
Drake's hair dyed blue...Check!
Gage's hair dyed Midnight blue...Check!
Met Drake and Cora's teacher...Check and Check!

It is close to bedtime at the Roberts' and the kids are ready for a brand new school year. I find it unbelievable that Gage is going into 7th grade, Drake 4th and Cora is in 1st. Kait is starting her sophomore year in college. I'm not ready for my kids to grow up this fast. Don't get me wrong...I find it awesome and amazing to watch them grow into these the incredible human beings - so different and complimentary, so sweet and conscious of others feelings (most times), so wild and crazy and yet very well behaved. I'm proud of my kids. Sometimes though it is hard to stretch out that umbilical cord and hopefully, one day, I'll be ready to cut it.


  1. starting school in august? i'm out of the loop... kids here start the day after labor day... you're such a good mama :)

  2. They usually go the week or two prior to Labor Day...and usually start on a Tuesday - so they can have a 4-day week and then a 5-day and another 4-day so it eases them in to school.
    When we lived in Florida - they started on Gage's birthday (8th!) that was super early. The kids weren't thrilled either because Ohio gets out later than it made their summer extra short!
    ...and thanks :-)

  3. They're so old! And we just keep on being the same age - how does that happen? Gotta love school time, though. School supplies, cooler weather, leaves changing, falling off, snow, Christmas...whoa! Slow down!

  4. Mark - Shut the front not even speak of the C word until closer to the end of November!!
    But...I do love me some school supplies!