Friday, August 6, 2010

Streets of Philadelphia...

It all started when I determined that I would have some free hours this month for I reached out to some other programs to see if they had something for me to do. Three different programs contacted me almost immediately. For a couple of the programs they have work on I can do over the Internet/phone training etc. and possibly an opportunity for travel next month - the other program needs hands on help next week! So, I'm heading to Philly! At first, I thought it would be nice for Mark to tag along and we'd have a week to just chill out and then the kids wanted to join in too... How nice will it be to work all day doing store visits and still be able to hang with the family and do fun stuff in the evenings. We decided to head out a couple days early and leave tomorrow - we're going to make a pit stop in Hershey, PA and then on Sunday perhaps a trip into NYC and/or Atlantic City to get a Big City and a Beach Fix! I'm SO excited! This trip keeps me in the eye of the higher ups at work (hopefully), but will ultimately get me more training about some of our other programs, it gets us out of the ghetto for a bit, Gage's birthday is Sunday (WOOT! Happy Birthday G!!!!) so he'll be spending his birthday on a really cool whirlwind vacation and we'll get to do the hotel dance!

In garden news...after harvesting nearly five pounds of potatoes last week...we decided to eat them (they were amazing!) - the skin was very thin, the potatoes had a nice flavor and most importantly - we GREW them! We have baby tomatoes growing out there - our tomatoes seem to be late bloomers...but then again we grew from seeds and had a late start after our first set of seeds were AHEM destroyed! But they are growing cute little baby ones. The cucumbers are tasty and I THINK I might be seeing some beans out there (checking from the window, we need to venture out there). All of this part is just trial and error - we'll see what works and what doesn't...this doesn't seem to be a stellar year for the garden, but anything home grown is better than nothing.


  1. And to think we almost didn't garden this year! Not an ideal location, but we are still able to teach and learn and appreciate our garden :) The trip to Philly will be awesome - a great getaway before school starts! You rock, and I love that they love you - just a matter of time, Shelby, just a matter of time...

  2. i'm so proud of you - grab the bulls by the horn, baby!