Saturday, February 19, 2011

But wait...there's more!!!!

As if it wasn't enough to buy all of our seeds online...we decided to become members of the Arbor Day Foundation. Our membership provides us with 10 free trees (we chose the Autumn collection, because it contains two of the sugar maple trees - maybe one day...far, far away - we will be able to collect and make our own maple syrup) - the membership also gives us special pricing on their other trees. Sooooo I went to town and essentially ordered the remainder of our orchard needs. We ordered 2-Plum, 2-Apricot, another Pear, Peach and Pecan tree. Due to the fact that we ordered so many items, they gave us a Red Maple and two Forsythia shrubs. Whew...Come on farmhouse!!! Now all we need is to work on our berries - but there's no plans for that until we actually have a place and know how much space is leftover for that type of thing.
Today we went to an open house - the house was beautiful. Big! Lots of bedrooms...1 1/2 bathrooms (doable) - pocket door and original woodwork. Ahhh...BUuuuttttt 1.3 acres. Totally not what we want for property...but can we work with it? Maybe...

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  1. keep looking. i enjoy hearing what you're finding. spring is coming and i'm sure lots more homes will come on the market soon.