Friday, February 11, 2011


Hurry up...sprint..screeching halt...faster!
I feel like that is always our life. I've been putting in a bunch of time at work...helping my previous manager transition into his new role with our parent company. I'm also playing catch up from being off with jury duty AND learning my NEW JOB...since I got MY PROMOTION!!! WOOT! I'm up another rung on the ladder...and it feels so good. I found out that I should be getting my bonus around the 3rd (all of which is going toward the house)...and we only have 30 days until our lender is going to pull our credit for our loan (fingers crossed). This weekend I had a Green Energy Ohio event for work and we'll be doing drive-bys for potential homes..finished off with dinner at my parents'.
...a life spent trying to "ketchup"...

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  1. I'm so proud and excited that you finally got your promotion!! Things are rolling along now and we just have to try to go with the flow that things are happening. I love our rides on the weekends to look at towns and houses. Can't wait to get one of our own and get our farm started :)