Thursday, May 12, 2011

Home Buying Update

Today we meet with the lender and provide the remaining paperwork. Tomorrow we have our inspections scheduled and hoping there are no issues! We got a phone call today from the seller's realtor letting us know that the homeowners are having a big garage sale prior to moving and wanted to give us first pick! What a nice family!!!! I have a nervous feeling in my stomach right now for some reason...I think there is just so much to think about that I keep feeling like I'm going to miss something.

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  1. All I can say is it's inevitable you will miss something but that's the way it is with everything. The one thing I missed (and the inspector missed) during inspection was to make sure they take the pictures off the walls - the previous owner had covered up a giant hole in the wall with one which ultimately wasn't a big deal to fix but a pain in the arse. Remember, this is now YOUR house so move things around, do what you gotta do! :)