Saturday, May 28, 2011

So I've been thinkin'

Ok - first, a quick house update :: the sellers came back to us and asked if we'd be willing to help with the cost of the installation of the new aeration system. We went back to them with two options:
Option 1. We leave the purchase price at $135,000; however, instead of them paying $4500 at closing, we'd bring $2000 to the table. Unfortunately that would mean that we wouldn't be able to purchase their tractor mower, snow blower or other tools (in the amount of $850)
Option 2. We would up the purchase price to $139,000 and leave the closing cost amount the same. Obviously this is a more attractive offer to the sellers (and us); however, if the sellers need the money sooner than later then this option wouldn't work for them.
Yesterday, we received the sellers' sign back - they took the $139,000 offer and agreed to fix everything on our list!!! We signed all that paperwork and sent it back to the realtor. We also received a bunch of new paperwork to sign from our lender (that is signed/scanned and emailed back).
Now, we wait until the ground dries up enough to install the aeration system. Once installed we can have the appraisal done (Mark is not worried about this part at all...I am!) - then we wait for the FINAL approval from the Rural Development Office (our lender says 99.9% of the time this comes back just fine...RD assumes that everyone has done their job correctly to get to that point and they only balk when someone forgets to cross a T or dot an i). It's starting to feel real people!

Now, with some other news...
I've been thinking about something. Our house means many, many things to us. One of those things is having the ability to create a healthier diet for our family. More home grown - more time and space to prepare (this place makes us WANT to cook) - more storage space to store preserved food. You get the idea. In combination with that and our local Kroger being more like 20 minutes away, instead of five, I've been thinking about challenging our family something pretty grandiose. Originally, my plan started as a thought of being prepared - for disaster (natural or stupid-humans), financial issues...whatever the world throws at us. Then, I thought...I wonder if our family could ever go an entire year without going into a grocery store. Is this possible? I mean, what about toilet paper? What about Hershey Bars? What about everything!? Well, I just think that means we need to prepare. When we buy toilet paper, buy an extra pack so that eventually, we'll have enough to last. Learn what we can live without. Learn what we could never live without and keep a stash (come on...a year? A girl needs her chocolate from time to time). So when do I propose that we do something wacky like this? Well, this year we haven't been able to plant a garden (with the house on hold and not wanting to plant here at the apartment), or financially prepare to do something like this. I'd love to be able to say that we'd be ready around next planting season...Maybe June 1st, 2012? I think that would be our extreme goal 6.1.12-6.1.13 without grocery stores! This sounds like a big challenge with a HUGE reward. I need to still talk to Mark about all this (if you are reading this...Hi honey) - but it excites me. I'm so sick of the grocery store I cannot even stand it and the thought of walking into my front yard and grabbing a couple peaches, instead of opening the Kroger brand container...Pure Joy!


  1. Aack! Jk - I'm sure we could do this. It would be easier once we're producing our own fruits and veggies, and have our chickens. And a freezer. And does this include no restaurants or food delivery? Aack! But we'll have our grill, so that will be awesome :) We'll have to discuss this plan and prepare...

  2. you know where to get your chocolate! since i started canning and such, i really only get the occasional seafood at the grocery store, and bulk goods like grains, oils, etc. i haven't had a tin can in my house in eons (they're all lined with bpa). the thing is, people don't need to eat nearly the meat they do, and if you go in with another family and get beef/chicken/etc from a local CSA, your storage freezer will rock what you do need :)

    congrats on your home and i'm very pleased you're getting a new, non-macgyver'd septic! it's coming....