Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You know you live in the country when...

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a time we were driving down the road, near our house and helped two teenagers get one of their cows back into their pasture. Our yaris helped block the way and they got the cow back in safe and sound.
Tonight, I had a meeting at work. Before the meeting, I got a call from Cora - she forgot a notebook for school. So I had to drive to her school prior to the meeting. Drove to Dayton (about an hour away), met with my client (great meeting BTW) and on the way home, got stuck behind a terrible accident. It ended up taking me two hours to get home...but I'm thankful that I made it home safely, especially because I don't think one of the people in the accident made it out alive. Careflight came in and took him away...it didn't look good.
So I continue my drive home...exhausted I pull into the driveway. I stop and greet our animals (their pasture runs along our drive) and as I pull closer to the house, I see our neighbor, on our porch with Mark and Cora - all three looking down into a trash can. Hmm...more zucchinis? I thought? corn on the cob? I thought? Nope...three baby squirrels. Squirrels!? What the hell am I going to do with squirrels? So we took our dog's cage outside on the porch - Blue is house trained and we mainly keep the cage up for when our daughter visits with her dog - or if we need to separate animals for any reason - we wrapped the cage in chicken wire, so nothing could work its way through the cage and eat the squirrels - and so the squirrels couldn't get out. We put in hay and some different types of food for them to eat. I'm hoping that they will only be our guests for another week or two, until I know they are big enough to survive.
Well...they are kinda cute though aren't they, filthy rats with fluffy tails, who will one day grow to eat and destroy my gardens...but for now, sweet little babies who like to curl up in little circles and snuggle.

P.S. We are attending a Beekeeping Club meeting on Thursday and guess what!? They are holding the first part of the meeting IN THE BEE YARD!! It costs a whopping $5 for the entire family to become club members. Here we go people!!!!
P.P.S We also went to our local Extension Office and learned that they have these really great resource books that kids typically use for 4H programs and we were able to purchase three books from them: sheep, goat and llama/alpaca - they just arrived and we'll stop by Friday and pick them up!


  1. How very very cute, I bet Cora loved them. Tom loves little animals and children as well - he seems to connect with them. Hope you have a Stinginly good time and not crowded by a swarm of people. LOL All a bit scary but friends of mine have beens and ive given the hives a bit of a spin every now and then. Love Honey!!! Lots more too it than it would seem though, as I am sure you will learn. Made contact with a good therapist today that deals specifically with adolescent aspie boys (and Dads). It was great to talk to him and get ideas and he is coming for a visit to the house (their haven). Therapy doesnt usually work on Aspie's so there are other options. He was surprised and congratulated me on surviving so far without Tom being on meds but he thinks it might be time. We will discuss. Chat soon.

  2. Cora and the boys all love little animals too...It's just when those animals aren't babies anymore the kids lose interest. They love puppies, kittens, baby bunnies, lambs...but dogs, cats, rabbits and sheep...not so much.
    I am scared of the bees. But I'm more excited than scared. I've heard that raising bees is like a religious experience...It's a fear I need to conquer - because I realize the importance of bees - 1) because of colony collapse...we need to support the bees/pollinators and 2) a sugar source right here on the property YUM fresh honey is so so so good :-)
    I'm glad you found a therapist that you are happy with. I know that meds are a difficult decision...but you have to do what you feel is best. We put our daughter on meds when she was younger and it was a very difficult decision - but she needed something to help her. It was hard to find a therapist that would listen to me and hear what Kait was doing. She was such a sweet, funny angel during the appointments - they thought I was the crazy one...
    Good luck - let me know how it goes.