Saturday, November 3, 2012

This is Halloween

Wow everyone...what a crazy time for the East Coast. I feel very fortunate that our family and home only experienced high winds and cold weather and no real damage from Hurricane Sandy...I wish that people closer to the coast could say the same. It's heart breaking to see the photos of the complete devastation. My heart goes out to everyone and I hope that the recovery process for NYC and NJ is quicker and more painless than I think it will be.

We've been in Halloween mode for the past week...last Sunday was pumpkin (Ok, this year, everyone got large gourds instead of pumpkins) carving, followed by costume making and trick-or-treating. We debated on where to trick-or-treat and decided to walk through our own town and visit this homes of our neighbors. It was a nice, calm walk with lots of laughs, cute kids and yummy candy. Now, our focus is turning to Thanksgiving - a holiday where we host everyone at our house. This year, we'll have my cousin and her family coming to stay with us for the week and it will be so great. It has been a while since we've all gotten together like that. I'm excited to show her our home and meet her youngest daughter.

Just wanted to post a quick note and share some pictures - Hope everyone is doing well in BlogLand...

Hi Ollie!

Ollie is getting to be such a big boy!

We harvested two pounds of pecans from a tree in our front yard - originally, we were told that the tree was an Elm tree that needed to come down - THANK GOODNESS we didn't take it down...because it actually grows delicious Pecans that taste like warm honey!!!

Last week was Halloween - Drake (left) was Dr. Who, Cora (middle) was Fluttershy, My Little Pony and Gage (right) was the Happy Mask Salesman from Legend of Zelda. We had a nice walk through our town - it was definitely one of the coldest Halloweens that we've had in a while...thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy also brought a beautiful sunset.

Drake's pumpkin

Gage's pumpkin

Cora's pumpkin

Kait and David's pumpkin
Mine and Mark's pumpkin

Our kids are awesome LOL

I just love how much they love each other.

Pumpkin Love

I leave you with the look I usually get from Josie LOL

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  1. Great Halloween! I'm sure Thanksgiving will be just as awesome...after all, we have a plan and it's our second Thanksgiving here! We got this :) I Love You <3