Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Proud to be an American today. Being a female and having the ability to vote, especially in a swing state - I'm honored that I'm able to voice my opinion. Go Obama!!!

I voted to protect the rights of women. I voted to protect the future of my children and their education. I voted to protect the rights of the LGBT community in hopes that we'll continue to move forward to marriage rights and human race equality. I voted to show that there are things more important to me than money.


  1. Go Shelby! Great courage in putting it out their and declaring your choice, and why. Politics here is a joke. Neither party is a good choice and both are openly rediculed by the public and media. I think its very disrespectful of the office. Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is my local member of parliament, so I get to see her all the time. We live in the biggest growth corridor in Australia but the infrastructure to support it is sadly lacking so I dont think anyone is too happy. I hope Obama wins also. I dont like the idea of someone who made alot of money sacking people and demolishing companies running the US. He (and his wife) seem so out of touch with the everyday person whether its their religion or their wealth. Oh well. I dont know enough to have an informed opinion, so I should probably shutup. Cheers

  2. Thanks Lynda and Maria :-)
    I do worry about how Romney would represent women and the underdogs (which is a good majority of the US). My daughter is a lesbian and I want to make sure that her rights are protected.
    I'm sorry you feel like politics are a joke in Australia - I mean, in the US, sometimes it feels like you are picking the best of two evils...I do like Obama though...and his wife seems great too!

  3. She cant be too bad if she planted a vegie garden at The White House. LOL So, i guess by now you are celebrating. News travels fast. They are saying it was a comfortable win but does he have the numbers to effectively govern? Oh well. So long as you are happy. Cheers.

  4. PS. Voting is compulsory at all levels here, Federal, State & Local Government. There are fines for not voting.