Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

This is one of my favorite days of the year. A few years ago, we claimed Christmas Eve as our own time. In years past, we used to go from my parents' house to Mark's parents' house and come home late at night and still have to set our presents out for Santa to combine with his and put under the tree. Making for a very tiring holiday season. When we moved to Florida for a couple of years, we realized how nice it was to not have to run run run and just snuggle as a family. So from then on, we've made it a tradition to let the kids open one gift (which always ends up being a new pair of pajamas and sometimes a pair of socks) and then we watch any of the Christmas movies that we missed throughout the season and snack on goodies like cheese ball, mozzarella sticks, cucumber sandwiches and more. So here I sit, in a new pair of comfy PJs and warm socks, watching Christmas Vacation, surrounded by all of my kids (Gage, Drake, Cora, Kait and David...the only one missing is Tiff and she'll be heading out after she gets off work). Mark is sitting next to me..snuggling...Bliss.
Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Snuggling with my boyfriend, best friend, husband, love of my life.

Cora, in her new PJ's, comfy socks and sleep mask.

Our Santa table decoration.

The food line starts here!

...and check out that spread...this is just the first round of goodies.

I love our table this year. All decorated and looking beautiful.



  1. Merry Christmas Guys, the table looks lovely as do the smiles. Its been a very cool day which is a blessing and I have consumed huge quantities of food. Tom has a friend over for a sleepover tonight so that they can hit the shops at 8am for the start of the annual sale period (my friend, his mother, doesnt get out of bed early for anyone on holidays). They have both accumulated great wealth over the Christmas period for the sole purpose of spending it tomorrow - very keen shoppers. No doubt all games. Currently they have two projectors set up in media room playing zombies on different walls. Rob is outside looking at the moon with his new dobler telescope. He's happy at the moment, which makes a nice change as he has been very down since losing his job Friday. We had a lovely 5 star breaky at my nieces place this morning and best of all shared the start of the day with young children. So much laughter and excitement. We then moved over the my friends house with gift exchanged, huge quantities of food consumed and then home for a quick "nana" nap before going back for seconds. Really!!! Back home now and just catching up with you guys. Have a wonderful day. :)

  2. Hey Lynda! Your holiday sounds lovely! Lots of food and friends and family...just as it should be :-) My boys would love to hang with your son, especially if it meant video games on projectors. We are expecting a possible blizzard, starting through the night tonight and into tomorrow. Several inches of snow, along with ice...should be a fun next couple of days :-| I'll try to check in.