Friday, December 28, 2012


We're coming back to the start of a New Year here at Fresh Egg's Farm. Looking back at where were were last year at this time is amazing. Last year, our farm was filled with kids and cats and of course our black dog named Blue. Since then, we've had more cats claim us, took in another dog, brought Josie and Blossom (the alpacas) home, next came Frankie and Itty (the angora goats), next was Mabel and Flora (the dairies) and finally Steve and Jester (the like rams). Change is a constant around here. I'm hoping this year brings spring chicks, honey bees, baby goats and more...I'm also hoping this year could mean a wedding on the announcements yet, but I'm hoping that Kait will be getting a ring soon and will choose to marry the love of her life, David, here on the farm. I'm hoping that our children continue to grow into the amazing, strong children they are. I'm hoping that Mark will find permanent employment, after his 10 week sub-job at a local elementary school. For myself, I'm hoping to find internal happiness, a higher self-esteem, less tears, a happy marriage, the ability to recognize and celebrate successes, a promise that I will not have to bear another year like the last one.


  1. Our farm has grown so much over the past year, and I can't wait to build it up even more in the next year!Chickens and bees for sure, and hopefully new goats and bunnies :) I'm so excited to see what's in store for us next year! I Love You!!

  2. Hi Shelby, just got back from NSW visiting my family with my girlfriend (too hot up there for the boys). It was "interesting" watching her response (a city chick) to everyday things - emu's on side of road, mile and miles of flat paddocks with nothing in site on the horizon, giant mosquitoes... and heat without refrigerated aircon. She made several comments about how frugal my family were and im not sure they were compliments but this is country living. I am hoping she understands me a little better as she has known me only as an isolated person and not part of a great big loving family. I did get to eat the family traditional Christmas pudding (first time in 10 years). They saved having it until I arrived last weekend. Yep, there certainly has been alot of changes this year for you and your family and the farm. Looking forward to following your journey in 2013. Happy New Year from down under.

  3. Lynda - I'm SO glad you got to go home and be with family and take part in some of your family traditions...and that you were able to share this part of you with your friend. Life is definitely different in the country. I think that "Frugal Living" is almost a necessity in the country because 1) because farming/country living becomes the priority and typically we are willing to sacrifice much of the "extras" to have to peace, quiet, beauty and hard work trade off of a farm and 2) because we tend to realize how much work has been put in to produce something and hate to see any of that put to waste. I get it. :-) It probably looks strange to a city girl that someone would actually choose this life. I couldn't imagine working through this rough last year in combination with living through apartment living UGH!
    I am definitely looking forward to 2013 - looking back I realize I should never blog when I'm feeling blah Lol. There are SO many projects on our plate...this is a good thing...I'm excited to see how this farm grows.