Monday, January 7, 2013

The Life of a Christmas Tree

I thought I would take a moment to share, with you, the story of the rise and fall of our first real Christmas tree in 17 years. Join me, if you will...

This is where we first met, the Roberts Family and our tree.

Our beautiful tree made its way into our parlor and fit perfectly in the space we had hoped.

Oh Christmas Tree...filled with all of our memories. Cherished throughout the holiday season.

Then we decided to take down the tree and toss it out to the pasture, as a Christmas treat, for the animal crew. I think it's fair to say that they LOVE pine.

Ollie wants to get into the action of ripping apart the tree and eating that delicious pine.

And within 24 hours, our beautiful Christmas tree had made its way first circle, devoured by our beasts and made into goat poo compost LOL.


  1. Coolest of our Christmas tree histories ever! Love life on our farm :) And I love you!

  2. Haa! That's awesome! I love how Ollie gets in on it, too. So cute!

  3. Yea - Ollie always thinks he's one of them. He'll try to eat hay, pumpkins, beets, pine trees...anything that we throw in there. It's so funny to watch them.

  4. How lovely it would be to have a real Christmas tree (like my youth) instead of an artificial one or in my case, none at all. The boys told me they were not interested in decorations this year. So, when I went home my Mum had a silver tinsel one and my sister had one made of wire - like a mesh upsidedown cone that was rigged up with coloured fairly lights. It was beautiful at night and home made. My guys would be grumpy about the smell of a real tree (Aspie's are smell sensitive) but I would love it. Looks like a Fun time and very eco friendly. Now you just need to shred the branches for compost and it all gone. Crazy Dog - mine wont even eat dog food.

  5. I just played the little video - its great to hear your voice. No, I will not skype - too tramatic for everyone, im sure. The snow looks incredible.

  6. Lynda - thanks! As everyone else does, I hate the sound of my own voice. It is a cute video though - I love how excited they are when they realize the tree is for them. LOL