Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bee School and Beautiful Sky

The view off our front porch, when you step out of our bedroom door and look to the right. This is without photoshop - it was just a gorgeous sky and give me a really positive outlook for the night.

Same sky, in landscape - I love the way the silhouettes of the trees look against the pink,orange and reds of the sky.

Bee School Registration form and payment - how cool is that?!?!


  1. Is that It? Really? Gosh - ive been hanging out for news!

  2. I can just hear your american voice saying "put up or shut up", "where's your blog"? LOL I dont do one because there is alot of negative things in my life and I dont want to dwell or rant online. God, how awful would that be to read all the time. So I relax and live vicariously through your family and farm activities. Its not healthy but it is what it is. So, start writing, no pressure.