Friday, January 11, 2013

Beekeepers This Way --->

Beekeepers? Is that us? Oh, I guess it is...I mean, technically, we are not currently keeping bees. Bees do not live in simple white boxes at the end of our pasture. We don't reap the benefits of warm, fresh honey in our back yard. But we will...soon.
Last night we attended the first session, of the new year, for the Butler County Beekeeping Association. We put in our request for two nucs...this will be the start of our hives. We still need to purchase the hive bodies and equipment; however, we are one giant leap in the right direction. Our bees should arrive around the middle of April (approximately the same time the chicks should get here). Starting Jan. 15th, registration opens for the OSU Warren County Extension Office Bee School ( - this is an all-day-long bee school with break out sessions featuring leaders in the beekeeping world. The cost is only $35/person and includes lunch...Awesome!
Mark and Shelby Roberts...shepherd/shepherdess, goatherder/goatherdess, alpaca/dog/cat/rabbit/fish owners...and soon to be chicken egg collectors and...beekeepers...LOVE.


  1. So Funny - goodness im getting excited myself. I love honey on toast. Having chickens is my dream. I love your discription of yourselves. Good luck with school, I think it will be really worth it. More so the hints and tips you get from others during lunch and over coffee. Often this is where you learn the most. Cheers Guys - I can feel some exciting times coming your/my(vicariously) way.

  2. Lynda - I wonder, as our biggest supporter ;-), if I'd be able to ship honey to you. I know that there are strange rules to what can be shipped overseas...Do you know the rules for this?

    I'm so so excited too. I can't wait for the first warm egg or the first finger full of honey...

  3. Sent in our Bee School registration and fee today! I was so excited to look out the window and see the flag on the mailbox was pushed down.