Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is it the weekend yet?

Over the weekend, we had a few nice days of 60+ degrees. It is days like that that make winter nearly bearable...nearly. We sat on the front porch and dreamed about what our spring would look like...and how different our winter looks like this year, than last. It really is amazing. Last year, at almost exactly this time, we had just brought Blossom and Josie home. Isn't that crazy? Since then, we've added all the others, we've moved them from an oversized shed to a mostly done barn, that we have built with our own hands.

I'm so excited to see where this next year takes us.

We've had some other, very recent, changes here at the homestead. Our daughter, Kait, and her boyfriend, David, have moved in with us. It was their intention to move back in when their apartment lease was up; to save money for a wedding/house/children etc.; however, David unexpectedly lost his job and they were pushed to move in with us, sooner than expected. We love having them here, but it also means a busy last few days of cleaning out the kids' bedrooms and swapping rooms around. Kait and David still have their apartment and need to finish packing and moving - Did I mention that their apartment is an hour+ away from us? So there is a lot of back and forth for them over the next few weeks. Did I also mention that with Kait and David comes a dog (a rambunctious border collie) and two cats (oh boy!)? So now, this house holds four adults, three kids, two dogs, six cats, three rabbits and fish, inside. Did I also mention that I'm allergic to cats and dust mites - which means now that I've been kicking up dust for the past three days and housing two additional cats, my allergies are through the roof. Nothing a little Allegra-D can't help.

In other news, the company that I work for is really booming. We are in the process of bidding for yet another program (we've already done a pilot program and are working to transition it to a full blown program) if the client signs on, then I've been tapped to manage that program, as well as my existing program. I'm really excited - it is a HUGE opportunity. I really hope that we can move this forward. It does mean some additional travel for me and that means time away from the farm; however, I'm willing to do that from time to time to help get us to where we need to be, financially. Additionally, I can use this as an opportunity to build up some frequent flyer miles and hotel points and potentially let it be a big benefit to our family. Now that Kait and David are living here - perhaps Mark and I can take that vacation we've always wanted to take (you know, the non-children, non-family, romantic vacation...maybe a cruise or just a flight to some place warm and beautiful?!) Hmmm...Wish me luck.

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  1. I wish you lots and lots of luck, and congratulations to you for working hard to put yourself in the situation where can take on a project. Wow! you certainly are super woman. I occassionally cash in points on a company card to get freebie movie tickets which is a big saving for us as at the moment it cost $18.50 to go to a movie. We are buffs, and its one activity we can do together without it all falling apart. Yep, just browse through your own blog to see how quickly the changes have come. With a grown up daughter and boyfriend in the house, some of those chores should be getting done for you ???? Yes, you do need that holiday, together, alone, away somewhere. Cheers.