Tuesday, July 23, 2013

17 Years

Marriages don't last. 50% of all first marriages and 67% of all second marriages end in divorce. Our marriage is my first and Mark's second and here we stand 17 years later, still married. When you consider the circumstances of our marriage - we met each other Sept. 6th, 1995, had our first "official" date Sept. 23rd, 1995, moved in together sometime in Oct. 1995, were engaged Dec. 17th and had planned for a wedding December 14th, 1996. Since Mark's ex-wife was being...challenging...and not allowing the girls to attend the wedding, we decided to have an official, yet quickie wedding while they were here for visitation during the summer (this is before we had custody)...that was 17 years ago, today (we still had our big wedding in Dec - we actually celebrate both anniversaries - because we could always use another reason to celebrate).
I'm proud of the life that we have created - Mark is still my best friend. Sure, we've been through bumps in the road, but I couldn't imagine facing those challenges with anyone else. We have five amazing children, that I'm so honored to parent. We've sent each other through college, we've moved to the beach, we've bought the farm (literally)...we've lived so many different lifetimes, together.
Each year, Mark gets more and more handsome. I love watching him work around the farm - his body is strong (and sexy...I know, TMI), he's so intelligent and creative. I feel like, with him, there's nothing we can't do. I love him more each day.
I'm proud to be Mrs. Roberts and I'm excited to see where the next 17 years takes us!!!


  1. As ive told you before, go get a room. Congratulations Shelby & Mark. It actually is quite an achievement these days as so many give up when to going gets hard. I think those hard times make your relationship stronger. Go celebrate your lives together, go crazy. My 20th in Oct. My stat is that 80% of Aspie marriages end in divorce, so im breaking records too.

  2. We are going to get a room - when we stay at the Mother Earth News Festival in Sept LOL (my birthday present from Mark!!!). Tonight, we are celebrating, with dinner :-)
    80% wow - that is crazy!!!! Congrats on 20 years in Oct!!!! THAT is a reason to celebrate for sure!

  3. Not so crazy when you have to deal with Aspie behavior everyday and in my case not one but two. Its definately a roller coaster but Rob chose well. I am a typical Aspie wife. In fact, i was (without knowing it) given the perfect training and for that i am thankful because without my strong values and my ability to forgive which comes from my faith i do not think i would still be around. I have to give extra weight to the goods times and litte value to the bad times so that it ends up even or sometimes even in the positive.