Wednesday, July 17, 2013


UPDATE:: HOLY MOLY!!! How could I forget the honey! Oh my goodness...we have the MOST delicious honey here on the farm!

I thought I would do a food roll-call today...we've been working hard to establish long-term food growing on the property and we are so close to having this complete.
We have:
2 - Pear Trees
2 - Apricot Trees
4 - Peach Trees
3 - McIntosh Apple Trees
3 - Granny Smith Trees (one here, two on the way in November)
1 - Empire Apple Tree
2 - Plum Trees (one here, one on the way in November)
2 - PawPaw Trees
1 - Montmorency Cherry Tree (tart - on the way in November)
1 - Sweet Cherry Tree
5 - Blueberry Bushes (I believe)
A Strawberry Patch
A HUGE Hedge of Black Caps (wild black raspberries)
A few Mulberry Trees
A patch of Rhubarb
A Black Walnut Tree
A Pecan Tree
A Lemon Tree
Purple and White Grapes

Some "short-term" food
We've planted herbs, garlic, artichokes (may be long term, depending on how they make it through the winter) and potatoes.
We've got tomatoes, beans and zucchini growing in the garden (and other things are still popping up).

We've raised 10 chickens for food (we gave two birds away two some family/friends that helped with the processing)...we'll soon be placing an order for more birds.
We have 4 turkeys growing and filling out - we'll likely keep two for breeding and slaughter two for eating.
This is just huge for us - We'll still need to invest in replacement trees, should we have some fall out...but for now, everything on our wish list is checked off.


  1. That's a rather impressive list. You are going to have to call in the troops at harvest time. All that food!!!!! Its probably out of your reach at the moment but google Thermomix. How convenient would one of these be. I dont have one but my friend Jess (Permie) grinds who own flour in it. Its kind of like a processor with heat.

  2. Sounds fabulous, you will have to get a photo of all of them.
    Its such a wonderful feeling to grow a lot of your own food, Im still learing but would love to be more self sufficent.x

  3. Lynda - that Thermomix IS awesome!!! But definitely out of my financial reach, right now. But I'll be adding it to the "maybe eventually" list. :-) Once you get it and play with it and let me know how much you adore it LOL Right now, we are getting a few fruits here and a few fruits there - I can't wait until we need to call in the troops to help harvest - won't that be awesome!?! Pay them in shares of fruit, for their help. LOVE IT!

    Milow - I should get a new photo layout of the year to give every a visual (and tag everything in the photo). We are still learning all the time too - we just moved here, from the suburbs, two years ago - we just keep making and adjusting our plans to make things work. I mentioned to someone else that we found end of season specials to purchase some of our trees - we knew not to expect fruit the first couple of years, but now are seeing more and more blossoms and fruit each year. It's hard to move from the thinking and planning stage to the doing stage - but we just decided, let's do it! So now, we do what we can, learn lessons on how we messed it up and try to do better next year!

  4. Now i wonder why you are getting fruit. Nothing to do with having your own personal pollinators on site. If you cant get fruit then who can! Glad Milow popped over, i told her to visit. You are a bit of a star, you know? I thought i had to wait to preserve as well and then another lightbulb went off. I live near market gardeners and can buy their stuff in bulk from the shed door. DOH!