Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home Grown Thanksgiving...Partially.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that we raised turkeys for the first time this year. This past Saturday, we got them in to be processed at a (fairly) local processor. We ended up with one bird at nearly 11 pounds and the other nearly 12, for a total of 22 pounds of bird. I liked the company that we went with. They are actually FDA approved and if we chose to, we could sell the birds to consumers - but we know that these are just for our consumption. It is a little strange to see just two turkeys outside, rather than four - but I think the remaining two seem a little calmer.
So tonight, we will be prepping them to be the centerpiece at our Thanksgiving dinner. We are hosting our family and some friends. Both birds will be the main part of the meal - but additionally we are proud to say that we grew the pumpkins for the pumpkin pie, grew the pecans for the pecan pie,  and raised the birds who laid the eggs for our deviled eggs. What a delicious, somewhat homegrown Thanksgiving meal this will be! I believe we will have somewhere between 16 and 18 people here for the meal. So much love in our dining room.
EXCITING! (...and busy...did I mention busy? Ok, enough blogging - time to get back to cleaning and cooking!)


  1. How awesomely exciting. I want lots of pictures of food and friends. Turkeys are not really on the menu here so our perception are those on media that look enormous.
    Good Luck.

  2. The turkey was delcius!!! It was the first or last thing i had cause i thought it was going to be awesome....and i was right. Ps. This is shelbys daughter.