Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turkey Time

Well the decision has been made. The two turkeys that will be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner (although not in a way that they would necessarily enjoy) will be processed the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. We have a local (ish) processing center and they had an open appointment for that Saturday - it was meant to be! I've heard of this facility through a couple different people (including a respected organic farmer) which makes me feel more comfortable. I want to make sure that we didn't raise them humanely just to have them tortured in the last few moments of life. I get that it is still death and I'm not naive to think it is this beautiful, sterile, painless process for anyone involved - but I don't want it to be a terrifying nightmare either. I've enjoyed having the birds and hope that Loner and Mama Bird (the two remaining birds) like each other enough to breed and make more for our farm. We'd consider selling some birds if that was the case. Raising them, processing (or getting them processed) and selling to neighbors/family. It might be another way for us to raise some money around here...or just another food source for our family.

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  1. Take a deep breath and know you are doing the right thing. It will get easier and id be interested to know the taste difference. Not that im planning on having these guys running around - ugly cut or coyote ugly?