Monday, March 10, 2014

Building a Tractor

...and CHICKEN tractor!
Our meat birds were quickly growing out of their coop, in the basement. We decided this morning to move them into a side yard, off the chicken coop outside. We blocked the doorway between the two yards so that the larger layers won't hen-peck the newbies. All of the birds are getting to know each other through the safety of a fenced yard.
We were hoping to get the chicken tractor completed yesterday - but it just took longer than expected. Here are some photos We are trying to use up as much of our scraps as possible...leftover barn siding etc. We will need to paint the whole structure. We also need to add a roof - the one side will be hinged, so we can get in there and put in clean food and water for them. There is a roost bar on the other side.
The extension off the front will be fenced in - so we can let them run around have have access to all the fresh grass etc. They will also go into our garden to add fresh poo to the garden areas. We'll be able to move them to areas that we need cleaned out for raised beds etc. It'll be so good for them and us!

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