Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is it Easter already?

Green eggs and ham anyone? So looky what we have here! Last year, our "Easter Egger", so their breed is called, laid pink eggs that seemed to have some sort of hypercolor ability - when you would get them wet, or hold them tight in your hands, they would change color. Very strange. So far this year, we have a consistent white egg layer (Andy, our Blue Andalusian), our three brown layers are laying here and there - not sure if those four eggs came from one bird or a mix of the three ladies and now we have one egg that is a beautiful blue/green color. Great job Hedwig! She's a beautiful bird and a sweetheart. So glad that, for now, we won't have to be buying eggs at the store! Awesome!


  1. That's amazing - such color. I have never heard of such a breed and only knew of one (forget the name) that lays pale blue eggs. That's really green! How do you decide who gets to eat it in your house? Will you pin it and keep the shell whole - thereby creating a collection of strange colored eggs? Who do you trust to do this? Lots of practice.

  2. :-) Isn't it neat? Drake called "dibs" on the egg. I'm not sure if we will honor the dibs, but probably LOL. She laid another one yesterday - so it looks like she will continue laying the blue/green eggs. When I put in my chick order for more layers - we actually ordered five more of this breed (along with a cuckoo maran, buckeye and a rhode island red). We will have 13 layers total! YAY!