Monday, January 5, 2015

Chicks are heading our way!

I received a notice that our chicks shipped out today! We have 10 meat birds, one Rhode Island Red, three Easter Eggers, one "adopt a chick" and a Meyer Meal Maker (a chicken to donate) ... I worry that it's very cold. I'm hoping that they'll put in a heat pack to keep them toasty warm during their travels.


  1. Another post, its not 2016 yet! Should i get use to this?
    Im sure they do it but i have never heard of anyone getting their chick through the mail/courier before (in Oz anyway).

  2. Lynda, don't get too excited Lol, I'm not making any promises, but more posts are a resolution for me. Mail order chickens is pretty common here. There are two hatcheries, that Im aware of, in Ohio, and they allow you to select from an online catalog, the birds you want shipped. Check out -)