Saturday, February 28, 2015

Doesn’t she know we have plans?

I sit here, on the couch, under not one, but two blankets, because it’s just so cold. Nearly too cold to move. I’ll need to move. There are animals that need fed. Projects that need continued. But right now, I’m content just trying to not freeze to death. It’s 7. Seven degrees outside. The windchill – I mean, who really cares at this point. It’s just miserable.
If you can’t tell – I have real issues with winters in the mid-west. They make me salty and sassy. The pellet stove has definitely made this winter so much more comfortable. When it’s just awful outside – we can warm up next to the stove. I’m so thankful for that. Tonight we’ll be doing a family slumber party in the parlor. Sleeping near the fire, watching a movie, snacking on homemade caramel popcorn. YUM! I think it’s cool that, even as our kids age, they get really excited about stuff like this. They don’t make plans with their friends, because they don’t want to miss the family slumber party. Must mean we are doing something right, as parents. HUH?
I am really hoping that the great thaw begins very soon. We have “meat birds” that NEED slaughtered. I say need because of two things – 1) they are just gross, at this point. Step, step, sleep…eat eat eat. 2) they will be 8 weeks on Monday and well…health issues can begin, broken legs, etc and their humane life will degrade to miserable. That all said, I have no desire to stand outside slaughtering, defeathering, and gutting birds – in 7 degree weather. UGH. Options – perhaps we do the deed in our garage? I’m not sure. But either way – I think that Saturday Slaughter Day will arrive next week. We’ll have 8 birds ready for the freezer…such a good thought to have home grown birds in the freezer again.
We’re waiting…and waiting for Maple Syrup season. We’re hoping to build an outdoor fire this year, to cook down the sap and make the syrup. I found a pan at Wasserstrom, that I’m super excited about. I believe it’s around 20 X 12, and 4” deep – stainless steel. If we can put it on a fire and cook everything down outside, rather than in my kitchen – where the walls get all tacky – we’ll be so much better off. The weather looks like it could be the right combination of below freezing at night and above freezing during the day over the next week to week and ½. How cool would it be to boil down some sap while we are getting the chicken slaughtering done?!
So Mother Nature, don’t you know we have plans?

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  1. Brrrrrrrr.... Slumber party sounds good to me. Do you giggle all night and tell ghost stories. Probably. Who is the snorer?

    Better you than me Gunga Din.