Friday, July 30, 2010

Just one fix...

...And because it breaks my heart to see the previous post as my "current post" - I'm going to put something on a lighter note.

I got some of my farm fix this week...Mark has been working all week with a group of 4-5 year old kids at Aullwood, for their "Farm Babies" program. Since a lot of my work this week required me to be in this area - I've been spending my lunch hours snuggling with pigs, goats, a baby cow, some sheep, a bunch of chickens and being in awe of their garden. Their sunflowers reach high above my head...they let us come home today with a green pepper, a handful of tomatoes and a couple of carrots. I LOVE LOVE farm fresh food and I love sharing our garden and others sharing with us. I can't wait until we have our garden and can teach our children the importance of growing enough to share with family, friends, neighbors and strangers.


  1. I just want to clarify that "snuggling" really is literally snuggling! You'll make a great farmer, Shelby Rue, because that is where your heart is. Can't wait! And I Love You.

  2. Well - not in a "sick" way or anything...Just in an "I'm the Momma" kind of way. My heart is with you...on our farm.