Monday, July 19, 2010

Ode to Ghetto

Oh sweet ghetto, where we live. I adore you. I love the flies that swarm around the 1/2 empty 40-oz cans of "beer", I love the 3 leg...make that 2 leg "grill" that has been laying on its side for a couple of weeks - obviously not able to function as a grill anymore, I love the toys strewn across the yard for days on end. I love the "man" urinating in the street and being so drunk that he rides the child ride on toys down the hill. I love the child who thinks it is ok to use nail polish to paint my car. I will be ever so sad when we are done loading up our moving truck and drive away laughing and giving all of you the finger in ghetto fashion.


  1. yeah i know what you mean...while most of the houses are kept up, there are a few folks like this whose yards and patios and porches are used as storage and crap-collectors. grr.

  2. Yeah...this is our building. We live in door three and this is door four. Very sad and frustrating.

  3. Ha! Too funny :) I think we should print this out and hang it in our new place as a constant reminder of where we're not.