Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Finally spring has sprung around here...albeit with the threat of snow by the end of the week...but I shall just be happy watching the buds break out on the trees and the daffodils and crocus blooming in front of our apartment. This is our pear tree...it is good to know that all of our potted trees seem to have made it through the terrible winter that we've had.

Most weekends we are planning routes to visit a handful of houses - we make notes about what we like and what we don't like here are some of the ones in the lead right now...
...a beautiful limestone house, on a hill. across the street there is a hilly wooded area - great for hiking!

...the gym house. this house is great, a full wrap around porch goes completely from front to back. there are great big boulders out back and a wood swing hanging from the tree. this would give us options for putting the girls in their own space.
...it's hard to see this one. but it isn't too far from our current apartment. it is on a few acres and has a great porch.
Can't wait until we can walk inside some of these homes and decide where we want to make memories...


  1. wow, big tall houses! spring has definitely begun - my san marzano tomato seeds have just started to sprout inside!

  2. Nice - we aren't doing seeds right now. I don't want to plant them in the garden here and then move. Although last night we talked about making our radio flyer wagon into a mobile garden and plant a few things - just because we like to watch them grow.
    The house are tall :-) We need a bigger house for all seven of us to be comfortable...