Friday, February 3, 2012

I love you Oliver, nobody good loves me!

Seems like we are adding to this farm left and right, but when an opportunity comes up or falls into your lap, I've learned to leap and figure out the details later. So meet the newest member of our crew..Oliver AKA: "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free"! A young woman that teaches at Mark's school had a litter of OOPS! Great Pyrenees and decided that rather than trying to sell them all, if we'd want one of the males from the litter. Um YEAH! We'd been looking to get a GP to live with our livestock and protect them against the coyotes that run through our property. Right now, this little guy would be a late night snack for a coyote, but once he grows a little more, he'll go live with the alpacas and eventually the rest of the livestock (once they arrive). Right now, we are adjusting to having a puppy in the house (I forgot the "no", "don't eat that", don't pee here" "make a good boy outside" talk that happens with a new puppy, learning the rules). Right now, I'm realizing that, when I took our dogs out for a 4:30 AM and heard the coyotes yipping and screaming, so close to our property that it is a very good thing we got this pup when we did. By the time the goats and sheep arrive, he'll likely be of substantial size that he could at least be noisy enough and hopefully scary enough to make the coyotes think twice before they try to get into our pasture. In addition to protection, he's just so damn cute! He's a ball of puppy fluff right now. Adorable!!
In other news, when we got home from dinner tonight, we saw at least six deer in the lot behind our house. It was so exciting because, without warning, as we ran our headlights across the field, as we turned into the driveway, we caught site of their eyes in the headlights. It was dark and hard to tell exactly how many. I for sure saw the six...there could have been more...I love to see stuff like this though. I love where we live.

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  1. Oh he is SOOOO cute!!! I want to pick him up and snuggle him!