Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of my absolutely favorite pictures of Grandma! Having a great time with a family friend at Kait's graduation party.
We lost a great member of our family this past week. Mark's grandmother, Dorothea Schimer, passed away at the age of 96. I'm so glad that our children were able to have a great relationship with Grandma. We used to live next door to her and would often go to her house to enjoy some of Grandma delicacies...Blueberry Muffins, Zelnak, Buchtas with Pork and sauerkraut, Sausage Gravy and Biscuits. I'll always remember her calling "Mark" out the window, as we'd come home from work and she'd pass a little goodie of some sort out, or her "Ok Bye-Bye", or how she'd often say "Goob" instead of "Goodbye". We were blessed to have so many years with her. Her final day included going out to breakfast with the Roberts' Family (our extended family...aunts, uncles etc. on the Roberts side go to a monthly breakfast) - afterward, she wasn't feeling well and went to the Urgent Care, who then sent her directly to the hospital. Not long after she arrived at the hospital, she took a last deep breath and closed her eyes. They asked her son, Jack, if he wanted them to try to revive her, since she had a faint heartbeat. I am thankful that he said no and let her body rest. I am thankful her death wasn't violent, painful, was short, sweet and peaceful. I'm sure her and Grandpa are enjoying Zelnak and playing in peace Grandma.

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