Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

Ollie Muzzle!
Taken this morning, after his breakfast. This pup sleeps...a LOT - which means, he's growing...a LOT! In just the couple of days that he's been here, we can tell that he's already grown...a LOT! He's eats nearly the same amount of food as our full size black lab, Blue.
Growing...Ahem...Sleeping again. This was after his bath on Friday. He's just a little fluff ball.
 Seriously, look at that face!!
 ...and look at THAT face. Our sweet Blue (don't tell Ollie, but Blue is the best dog!). Blue is doing so well adjusting to our new addition. I can tell there is a speck of jealousy, but nothing she won't get past. She's trying to play with him, although she's a little awkward at it. She protects him outside, keeping watch on the field, while he goes to the bathroom. She gives him the business if he does something she knows she's not allowed to do. They eat together, without any speck of aggression. They are doing amazingly well with each other. I'm proud of my girl Blue though. Quite an adjustment for her. 
Look at her. Ugh - sweet good girl.

The past couple of days have been a little hectic (isn't life always hectic!) - we've been potty training the new pup. At this stage in the game, it is more that we are potty trained and we are dragging Ollie along for the ride. We are watching the times (he just ate...wait 10 minutes and take him out - he just woke up...take him out - he's sniffing the carpet...take him out). He wakes us up at night to tell us when he needs to go. He refuses to go in his crate. We had to run some errands yesterday (oh...LOTS of errands) and he was in his crate from about 3:30 to 8:30 (longer than I had originally hoped he'd be in) and he didn't have an accident and got all the way outside before he went! Good boy Ollie!

Speaking of yesterday and errands - we did so many things. It seems like we still have a strong connection to Dayton (hopefully that will lessen over time)...but when we go, we always have a marathon of things to do, stores to shop at, people to visit. It ends up being an all day event. We did accomplish a lot yesterday and I'm happy with our progress.
This crazy Spring-like weather is confusing everyone from the the the humans! I'm not complaining though. A mild winter means less heating oil (we already use SO much, even though we keep our thermostat at 65) - a big project in our home for the fall is insulation. We're thinking of having a home energy audit done on our home and finding out where we can become more efficient (spend a little to save a lot). We obviously have heat loss and drafts in this old house. It will be nice to caulk, insulate, update and not have to rely so heavily on oil next winter. Part of the purchase of this house is about preparation. I feel a little unprepared for this winter. We didn't save for an oil delivery, so we are purchasing oil (diesel) at 20 gallons at a time. Next winter, we'll have money for a delivery (or maybe even get the delivery, once we have enough saved) and then we'll have money in a pot for the next, just in case, delivery. In addition, we are going to save for this bad boy:
That's right, the Hearthstone Mansfield. That sweet mother of a wood burning stove will do many things - it heats up to 2500 square feet (which is enough for this house and if we add on a touch), it has a long burn time AND radiates heat for even longer, AND you can use it as a cook top should the power go out. I dream of having this stove in our home. Well, it's more than dream...I'm making it the goal. After the barn is up and the animals are settled in...this moves up on the list.

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  1. I love that our goals are so different than last year ("get out of this apartment!"). So much to do, yet so far down the path we wanted we wanted to travel! We are so on our way :) Love you, Baby!