Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sometimes it all seems too much. I've often compared my life to an act I saw once, where a man was spinning a bunch of plates on the ends of long sticks. As long as he'd spin, spin this plate and then spin, spin that plate - all the plates would remain spinning...but at some point in time, one plate wouldn't spin fast enough and they'd all come crashing down to the ground.
  • I've got lots of projects going on around the house...many are on hold for one reason or another. I was hoping to be much further along this summer than we are.
  • My marriage, although we are working on things and it seems to be getting better, is going through the roughest rough patch we've ever been through.
  • Three of my animals are sick...
    • Flora, our baby dairy goat has a cough that she just can't kick.
    • Itty, our angora goat has a broken leg (hopefully the cast comes next week)
    • Steve, our sheep, has hurt legs - the bags of his legs seem like they are healing up and then he goes out to pasture and his legs get messed up again. They look like hamburger - the flies keep messing with him. I'm so upset...I keep trying to make him better - I think I need to take a basic vet class.
  •  Work is stressing me out. It's a long, boring, involved mess - but I'm hoping that it gets rectified soon. I've done nothing wrong...but sometimes that doesn't matter.
I think I just need to go play some Scrabble with my husband and relax for a bit.

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  1. You are an amazing woman - I know that life is crazy right now, and I am so sorry for the part that I screwed, up but you are doing incredibly well spinning your plates. We have eight farm animals that are doing very well - Itty is doing great and we've done everything we can do for Flora, under the vet's direction, short of taking her in to the vet. Steve will be fine - I think we're doing a great job with him, as sad as it is to see him hurt. And work, well, you're still a rock star and just need to keep doing what you're doing with the confidence that you show with them. I love you and know that you will make it through this successfully, and be able to enjoy your accomplishments in the peace and serenity of our front porch with a glass of tea :)