Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Power of Positive Psychology

I realize how ho-hum my last post was and I'd like to change that up a bit. I went to the counselor today and realize I need to figure out a way to speak about all the good that happens here and create a better mindset for myself. So here it goes...
  • While there are projects on hold (temporarily) - we've accomplished so much in the last year. We've begun building our barn, added a bunch of animals, harvested fresh peas, potatoes, onions from the garden and just today - we harvested a yellow zucchini. YUM!
  • My marriage is rocky - what marriage doesn't go through bumps in the road. While these does feel more like a road block, than a bump - I just celebrated 16 years of marriage. We've created a wonderful life and love with each other, with our five awesome kids. I love my husband and if he loves me anywhere close to how much I love him...we'll be good.
  • Three of our animals might be sick - but the rest of our animals (along with our children and each other) are healthy. The three that are sick are doing ok. Itty is nearly healed - as I said, at least we got her fixed up and in the cast...she's doing well and seems ready to join her friends in the pasture. Once her cast is off - she'll be good to go. Flora is healthy otherwise - just a nasty cough. We just need to find the right mix of meds to make sure that she kicks it once and for all. Steve...oh Steve...that sweet boy. Once I figure out a way to keep these nasty flies off him - we'll be good. He's a real trooper.
  • Work - is work. It's a career that I love. It's really the perfect job for me - but we all have days that our jobs drive us crazy. Let's face it - we'd all love to be independently wealthy. Hoping to some day win the lottery - but for now, it's the daily grind.
So here's to figuring out life, loving with my whole heart, taking care of my family, farm and marriage, and when all else fails, sitting on my front porch, admiring everything we've accomplished.


  1. I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished! And I Love You :)

  2. Im inspired by you both! Imagine if everything was perfect. Does that exist? What would we strive for? How would we feel a sense of achievement if there was nothing to work hard for. When others (including animals) are unwell, it gives us the opportunity to be giving and compassionate. Imagine never feeling that! I think our struggles make us FEEL more, both good and bad. I dont want to be bored and I am certain that you dont. Silly Billy - go back again to the beginning of your blog, perhaps one day in bed when you are down and need a lift. Then walk down your lane and look back at the house and yard and I bet there will be a big smile on your face. I love your blue house with its wrap around verandah. I imagine sitting with you on that verandah and have coffee (my addiction) and have cake made by you from your eggs and your butter and milk with a big dollop of your cream on the side.

    PLEASE ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL EVERYTHING. Own your feelings and consider them gifts - you are alive, really alive, not living a half life like many that are consumed with buying stuff and then having to store them and then throw them out to buy more stuff because someone told them to or someone else had something better. Many people are alone. You are surrounded by family, friends, animals etc that all give to you and take from you. Lucky YOU!

    I have a mantra that I repeat over and over to my boys (son and hubby) and to myself. ITS NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU BUT HOW YOU DEAL WITH IT! SO GO DEAL MY FRIEND!

  3. Check out the following blog - great recipes

    Pod and three peas

  4. Lynda - thanks for the suggestion. I checked it out a bit and I love it! I need more recipes. I've been putting together a Word document that has our family recipes and tried and true recipes (I've found that many cookbooks have just a couple recipes I like and the rest aren't for us - so I've been compiling them so I have one spot). We'll see if we can add some of these to the list.

    Also - I saw your comments on Mark's blog - you are SO NOT a third wheel - you are just our first consistent reader/comment leaver :-) WE LOVE IT - DON'T STOP!!!! Then, one day, when we become famous bloggers - you can say "I knew them when..." LOL