Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steve Update

Well - veterinarians, we are not...But I think we are doing the right thing, as we know how. So as many of you know, or have read (here or on FB), one of our CVM sheep, Steve, has some pretty serious leg issues. He had gotten sick (fever, loose stool MMMM, love to talk about stool lol) - so we put him on a couple days of NuFlor (per the vet's suggestion). After he was feeling better, we noticed that flies were pretty big fans of his poopy bottom...nervous about flystrike, I decided we should get him all cleaned up. So, we gave him a bath, clipped his hooves, applied some Hoof Heal (not Dr. Taylor Hoof 'n Heel - because I accidentally bought the wrong stuff...lesson learned) - I believe it was the combination of him being wet when we applied the solution and not feeling well - so he was laying down a lot...but he ended up burning the fiber on the back of his front legs and the skin - ending with what appears to be a pretty nasty chemical burn. Of course, I feel terrible about it. But we've been working hard to get him healed up. Currently, we've been spraying his legs with Blu-Kote a couple times a day and although it hasn't kept the flies off, it seems to be getting his legs healed up and he's in good spirits. I keep thinking that flies = maggots, and we've found that isn't necessarily true. I definitely have seen flies on the wounds, but we've been watching for maggots and haven't seen any KNOCK ON WOOD and VERY THANKFUL! I'm hoping that his legs will continue to heal nicely and that he will continue to do better and better.
Itty should be getting her cast off at the end of this week and I'm HOPING at that time we'll be able to put Steve and Itty out to pasture with the rest of their farm friends. I don't want to push Steve too fast and put us back at square one - so we will continue to be very careful with him until he is fully ready healthy.

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